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Texcoco can open the door to your dream space, create a comfortable home environment for you, and work with you to brighten your life light.
PT.TEXCOCO LUXURY INTERIOR was established in 2009. The company is located in No. 1, Dongping Industrial Park, Hong Road, Fuqing City. It is an innovative integrated enterprise integrating new material research and development, product design, product production and production, and product sales. With office buildings, standard workshops and supporting facilities and equipment, with annual sales of more than 40 million.
Innovation is the primary task of Texcoco, and now the company has formed a diversified product system covering the integrated ceiling series, integrated electrical series, integrated wall panel series, decorative line series, craft wall series, skin carving series, and new decoration. 3D painting series, aluminum home, sliding door series, floor series, exterior wall aluminum alloy doors and windows series and other home decoration products, the products are deeply loved by consumers. Widely used in homes, hotels, clubs, offices and other public places in various areas.
Texcoco's integrated wall panels replace traditional materials such as paint, stone, wood, wallpaper, and more. The first ink printing, subvert the building materials decoration market. Imitation wood grain, stone grain, grain pattern, wallpaper, embroidery, there are plane three-dimensional 3D, eight series of thousands of products, visual effects exquisite. No wall, no soil, no rough ground. Installed directly on the rough wall, seamlessly installed. Lightly buckled, as simple and quick as building blocks, free to assemble a variety of colors, truly save money, save time and effort. Innovate new environmentally-friendly materials, replacing materials such as logs/marbles/paints, etc., truly green, fireproof, moisture-proof, mold-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-smell, heat-insulating and sound-insulating. The quality of environmental protection is visible, and with the active promotion of environmental protection policies, environmental protection materials are very popular. Fashion styles, meet the requirements of the times, meet the requirements of personalized home improvement customization, and quickly upgrade the whole house assembly system. Texcoco's whole-house installation will recognize you as a one-stop shop and solve all the problems of decoration. It will not allow you to spend too much effort and time, meet your personalized private customization, and meet your own differences and special expectations. And with the development of the times, the design of the wainscot is more diversified. Therefore, the siding has always been loved by the nobles.
Adhere to continuous innovation, with an open vision insight into the integration of integrated ceiling and integrated wall surface, truly the whole house customized pioneer. In the whole house custom home market form a unique sales competitive advantage, product sales network throughout the world high-end market.
The company regards quality as the lifeline, formulates rigorous production production standards, and strictly requires various production processes. The products have passed various quality standards at home and abroad, allowing customers to use their confidence and ease of use.
A high-quality sales team is a key factor in winning market orders. At present, the company has established a headquarters in Fuqing City as the center and radiates the marketing network throughout the country, making Tesco a well-deserved leading brand in the new decorative materials industry.
Enterprise Profile