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  • 01
    Green Environmental Protection
    Texcoco SMC composites are certified by the national authority. The formaldehyde content is 0.3-0.4mg/l which is much higher than the national standard (the domestic tap water formaldehyde content is 0.9mg/l).
  • 02
    Environment Friendly
    The rough wall is directly installed, eliminating the use of industrial glue, foaming agents, paints and other heavy pollution sources, eliminating industrial pollution such as formaldehyde and benzene, and rejecting secondary pollution such as dust and odors.
  • 03
    Care for your loved one
    Bamboo fiber has the functions of antibacterial and antisepsis, insect-proof and odor-eliminating, air purifying and so on. It really can make new homes stay at home without waiting, and old houses can't be moved without modification.
  • 04
    Save material 40%
    Integrated design, rough wall surface, direct installation, reduce scraping, primer, and auxiliary material costs.
  • 05
    Save 50% of labor
    Snap-in installation can effectively shorten the construction period, save labor, and reduce the overall cost of multiple links.
  • 06
    Save maintenance costs
    Easy to use, can be scrubbed directly, no mildew, cracking and other hidden troubles.

—— Modular Full House Ceiling Wallboard ——


Franchise Terms & Conditions


1, has many years of operating the building materials industry, the foundation of the brand and accumulated a wealth of experience
2. Have the resources to open up the channel network, have the resources of opening a standard 100 square store, and have enough funds to guarantee the operation
3, have the confidence to achieve the industry's high-end brands
4. Have a sales team or establish a sales team

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Affiliate Support


1, free store design
2, the company provides texcoco integrated wall products library, electronic album.
3, sales information, store sales staff daily sales manual, a full set of qualifications and honorary certificates
4, electrical products have passed the national 3C certification, integrated wall products can provide quality inspection report of the national authoritative department
5, the industry's high standard store decoration support
6, reached the rebate support at the end of the year
7. Flexible regional advertising support
8, the company provides sales support
9, continuous business tracking and professional business guidance support


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