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For investors, the integrated wall is a project that is currently relatively hot, and it is also a project with a large future development prospect. Because it has considerable profits, once it is done, it is easy to output, so more and more integrated walls Face brand emerged, so that the industry brand mixed feelings, for the distribution of selected integrated wall surface, it is too chaotic, today Xiao Bian will list the things to pay attention to joining the integrated wall, so that everyone detours.
Before joining an integrated wall brand, it is necessary to roughly know whether the brand produces itself, how big the factory is, how many employees, what the product is, how many years the company has, and so on. These are all to get a general understanding.
Note 1: You don't need a storefront as long as you pay agency fees.
Many integrated wall franchisees to investigate, only thinking about less investment, less risk, no storefront, put their own home house, you can find a storefront. In fact, this just happens to invest in the traps of fraud companies, it is to seize your psychology, so that you pay agency fees ranging from 60,000 to 200,000, free to give you a sample, or discount to you, or give you the same product, to At the end, I will give you the selling price, and then the money will be received. We will postpone or not ship the goods for various reasons. Because they do not have their own production, so this kind of goods are incomplete, not to mention after-sale, a hammer trade.
Note 2: If the price is low, it is better to sell. There is a market.
Now the integrated wall is divided into bamboo fiber and aluminum wall. The bamboo fiber is similar to the wood of the previous market. It is cheap, contains glue, benzene, plastic and some wood flour, etc. It is easy to expand and shrink, and arch This is similar to the wood-plastic door that is sold on the market. When it encounters water, it will swell. After a long time, the surface of the sticky film will fall out! If the selling price of such a good material is generally 200 degrees and one level, if there is only a few tens of dollars and one level, it is necessary to look at the quality, so when dealers look for a brand, they must not be price-driven. Set your market, choose the brand that suits you. The aluminum wall surface is more expensive than the bamboo fiber. Its structure is that the aluminum alloy extending into the ceiling is used for the surface, the interlayer is made of polyurethane environmental protection material, and the back is waterproof, fireproof aluminum foil. The elimination of metal radiation, electrical conductivity, and impenetrable impact can all be solved. The most important of these are not problems. All these shortcomings can be solved in life. Therefore, some products that cost only a few bucks still need you to choose Jinhuo Jinqing, not that all low-priced products can make money, suitable for this market, reasonable price distribution, reasonable product mix, and reasonable marketing , can help you to do a project.
Note 3: The small storefront can be done. The storefront can be installed to make money.
Many dealers believe that this is a new project, get a few dozen square feet of shops, you can open a business, you can make money when you start a business, in fact, otherwise, any business has the same contrast of input, have a higher return Everyone in the whole house remodeling project has seen its prospects. It stems from the fact that the area where it is used for home renovation is undoubtedly the largest piece. Therefore, if there is not such a large area to display, there is no way for the owners to experience it. . If there is no professional product training, design training, installation training, and a variety of matching marketing support, manufacturers' product strength and sales guidance are difficult to succeed.
In addition to the above conditions, designers, professional woodworking teachers, shopping guides, salesmen, etc. are also required. I believe that the people who do the project have their own reasonable budget, so don't think about making money, don't think about just making fun of it. First try, before doing the whole house assembly, it is recommended to do an in-depth early inspection, to have a factory, a production workshop, a scale of strength, a period of development, a finished product showroom, a factory terminal store, etc. to fully understand . It will give you a comprehensive understanding of the integrated wall project.
Whole house installation is not something that everyone can do. Tell investors honestly, don't try it with dozens of squares, don't do well, and can't succeed. This project needs a full range of product collocations (platforms) is not a All kinds of materials can be packed in the whole house, (a variety of materials) destined to be displayed in large areas, (more than 3 styles) to control! It is a business with annual production value of 10 million. Don't think about investing 10 million to get it! There is no model room, can not do it, there is no designer, just like opening a restaurant without a chef! Don't be fooled by this wall wind, please look at this item correctly!
If you have at least 200 square meters of storefronts, the designers also have come, welcome to visit the cocoa field, the industry's largest 3,600 square meters exhibition hall, so that you have a new concept for integrated wall surface, whole house fitting, understanding!
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Join integrated wall notice