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What materials are used for home decoration?

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  Home decoration, with that kind of material? This is a problem that owners of home renovations will encounter. In the near future, small editors are also installing houses and decisively chose integrated wall surfaces produced by their own companies. After finishing work in a month, I feel that it is enough to show that Xiaobian’s choice is correct. of. The following small series on the detailed introduction of the characteristics of the integrated wall for everyone to analyze the next reference.
  The integrated wall surface is a kind of free mosaic, free combination, and has many elements of health and environmental protection. The integrated wall surface has been welcomed by the modern home decoration industry. It has just emerged in the past two years. It has a wallpaper, and all the paint can have a color pattern. The most important feature is that it has a strong three-dimensional appearance and a concave-convex surface. It is an upgraded product of wallpaper, paint tile, paint, stone and other wall decoration materials.
  Compared with ordinary decoration, the cost savings in labor costs is about 20,000 (due to different regions and concepts, cost savings are also different, this data is only used as a rough guide)
  Compared with the wallpaper, when the wallpaper is processed in the process, the surface treatment process of the blank house is too much, the labor cost is large, and the integrated wall surface basically does not handle the surface of the hair culture room and can be directly installed; after the wallpaper is installed, the surface is Cleaning is not easy, and the integrated wall surface is easy to clean, and is wiped directly with a damp cloth; the moisture resistance of the wallpaper is poor, and once it is wet, mildew, peeling, etc. will occur, and the integrated wall surface water properties will not change.
  Compared with paint, this product has extremely strong environmental protection performance. After the home decoration is completed, it can be directly admitted and will not harm the human body.
Compared with other wall materials, the integrated wall surface has strong environmental performance and can be accommodated after renovation.
  The integrated wall has various colors and different styles. In the actual use process, customers can change the product requirements according to self requirements, and it is fashionable and beautiful.
In addition there are 9 advantages of integrated wall surface, heat preservation, heat insulation, waterproof and moisture proof, sound insulation, fire prevention, mothproof, super-hardness, easy installation, easy scrubbing without deformation, etc., so after the integrated wall surface has been available The owner's sought after.
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What materials are used for home decoration?