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Why is the integrated wall surface so hot?

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  Building materials know that today's market has a kind of "integrated wall surface" decoration materials are very hot, its broad market prospects are consistently optimistic, unique product advantages, high-quality decoration materials, fast, environmentally friendly, healthy, The ready-to-live feature has created a new storm of business models and is sweeping the entire building materials industry.
  So what is the integrated wall? What benefits can it bring to the building materials industry?
  The heat of the integrated wall is by no means accidental. In 2012, there was a saying that the wall was integrated. However, at that time, the wall technology was still mature, and the specifications were limited to 200,300 styles. The relative limitations were limited. , And the acceptance of the market is not so high, with the infusion of brand power after the first batch of brands of Tesco cocoa integrated wall, the integrated wall industry has a batch of high-end technology R&D personnel, which has changed The original material ratio, optimized specifications technology, and integrated wall surface transition to the entire house in this area, adapted to the concept of consumers and aesthetic standards, its novel and convenient, three-dimensional, health and green features such as slimming popular welcome , get the enthusiasm of consumers. Compared with the traditional paint, wallpaper, wall cloth, diatom mud, it can give the building industry what benefits?
  Traditional decoration materials need to be treated with a very smooth wall surface, which is time consuming and time-consuming. It is difficult to satisfy people's pursuit of beautiful and environmentally-friendly, quick-fitting equipment. The appearance of whole house fittings caters to the needs of people's decoration. Tooling, or home improvement, is closely related to the decoration building materials industry, who can resist the temptation of the market value of more than 100 billion, as a new type of building materials industry building materials, the entire housing has been a lot of home appliances, ceramic tiles, sanitary giants are optimistic, have marched The whole-house refitting market has brought strong technical support and capital injection into this industry. And for the decoration of the owners, the whole house has what advantages?
  As the name suggests, the whole house is fully engineered to zero, and the entire process of the ceiling and the wall is completed through modular decoration. It is the “zeroing” of ceilings, integrated walls, smart homes, and soft accessories of the whole house. For the whole "full name. It is a brand-new decoration method developed by Tesco (full name Zhejiang Tesco Co., Ltd.) for China.
Take the Cosmoco whole house as an example!
1. Save money: Compared to ordinary decoration, it saves about 20,000 in labor costs.
2. Fast installation: Compared with wallpapers, there are many processing procedures for rough stocks, and labor costs are also very large.
3. Good stability: The wallpaper is not easy to clean and has poor moisture resistance. Once damp, it will become mildewed and fall off. However, there will not be any change in the whole house. Relative to the tiles, there is hanging water phenomenon.
4. Intelligent environmental protection; Relative to paint, he has good environmental performance, no formaldehyde hazards, after the completion of home improvement, the morning, the magical and efficient live in the afternoon.
5. Strong plasticity; relatively monotonous to the paint, dull wallpaper, the whole house is rich in various colors, the effect is three-dimensional, and the pattern can be customized. In addition, the whole house is also equipped with a sound effect, fireproof, moisture resistance, high temperature resistance and roller compaction effects. Nowadays, the advantages of home-improvement tooling are obvious. Children and seniors in home improvement are in great need. Children and old people have poor resistance and health is the first. According to the preferences of each boy and girl, they can customize the integrated wall surface they need. The style is particularly important. The entire Tuscan cocoa house adopts a variety of environmental protection techniques and technical advantages to produce high-quality products, which increases the interest of the room and is also welcomed by children.
Obviously, the whole house can provide consumers with better interior effects and convenience, and it is also one of the important reasons why many franchisees are involved in the whole house assembly.
  Simple decoration and strong safety. From the many qualities of the whole house, it is bound to lead a new wave of decoration and create a new generation of home environment.
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Why is the integrated wall surface so hot?